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UK Tour 2008

photos by Big Telly Theatre Co.


"Specially commissioned music, atmospheric   

lighting and superb magical effects captivated the    whole audience in this wonderful visual show"

Leicester Mercury

Based on the Sinbad stories in ‘The Arabian Nights’, Paul Boyd and Zoë Seaton’s water spectacular Sinbad tells the story of a seafarer whose waterside wedding is ruined when his bride-to-be is snatched by a terrifying giant bird.  On his long journey to rescue her, Sinbad encounters sea creatures and aquatic monsters, has his boat stolen by a band of pirates, and comes face to face with the Old Man of the Sea.  


Whilst playing to sell-out crowds in Leicester (UK) the show was reviewed by the Leicester Mercury newspaper - the full transcript of this review can be found below. Featuring stunning costumes, amazing feats of athleticism, state-of-the-art lighting and multi-media effects, and an exciting original score, Sinbad quickly lived up to the promise of specular water theatre. 

the acclaimed water spectacular as seen on a sell-out UK tour 2008

"With the sixth Spark Festival for Children under way and rich in stories from near and far, a question sprang to mind for a certain show at Cossington Street swimming baths.  Could the Big Telly Theatre Company follow the success of last year’s The Little Mermaid with its second water theatre production, Sinbad?


Answer: a resounding swash buckling yes! With the stage transformed into a dangerous ocean, this action-packed spectacle follows sea-faring Sinbad’s struggle for survival to find his lost ship and bride-to-be.  His encounters with poisonous sea serpents, hairy monsters, bizarre star fish and surreal birds create an unforgettable experience for children in this new concept of theatre.


Specially commissioned music, atmospheric lighting and superb magical effects captivated the whole audience in this wonderful visual show. With special water-adapted costumes and masks, the eight-strong cast proved to be excellent swimmers, dancers and actors, portraying a colourful story to make Sinbad one of the highlights of the Spark Festival."  

Leicester Mercury (transcribed in full)

Sinbad was Big Telly Theatre Company’s follow-up to its internationally successful production of Paul Boyd and Zoë Seaton’s water spectacular The Little Mermaid.


Sinbad was written by Boyd and Seaton in 2006 whilst The Little Mermaid was still touring, and the new show premiered in May 2008 on a four-venue tour of the UK.  Following the successful model of The Little Mermaid, Sinbad’s initial tour to swimming pools was intended as a launching pad for future touring, with plans to take the production further afield in the future.  Original ideas for a 2010 tour were put on hold due to the ongoing success of Big Telly Theatre Company’s stage comedy Spike Milligan’s Puckoon (which features music and songs by Paul Boyd) and the premiere of Paul Boyd and Bernie McGill’s musical thriller The Haunting of Helena.


UK Tour 2008